About Us

Bad Wallaby is a new group of four talented musicians, and one talented dance caller, from a range of musical backgrounds, who were brought together by their interest in the idea of starting a regular dance in the old Berowra District Hall.

Our name comes from a local Berowra wallaby who will go a surprisingly long way for a juicy pot plant, and who has been known to startle night-time visitors by thundering down unlikely driveways.

The Band:

  • Pete McMahon
  • Sue McMahon
  • Kim Short
  • Kathy Potter
  • Dance Caller: David Potter


PeteAfter a childhood surfing and fishing on Sydney’s northern beaches Pete preferred the freedom of the life of a musical troubadour to stifling alternatives. He spent 12 years living in Balmain and working in the hectic musical scene in the pubs there.
Pete toured the UK on his talents, working solo in the pubs in the English Midlands. He recalls his first performance in England was at a cocktail party for the touring Australian Cricket Team.
As a regular performer at the Settlers Arms in St Albans, he is the holder of the local record there with an amazing 102 consecutive Saturday night shows!
You name it – Pete has done it! From performing in prison concerts in WA and NSW, extensive recording, film soundtracks, radio shows, song therapy, builder of over 200 musical instruments and touring with the Drifters.
Pete has worked with the Conway Brothers, Flying Wombats, Heritage Ensemble, Ragged Band, Blue Gum, Stringybark, Jacaranda Ceilidh, String Fiddle Tradition and is the leader of the infamous McMahon Brothers.
A major commitment for Pete, for two decades starting in the early 80s, had been the Sydney based Southern Cross Bush Band, contributing mandolin, fiddle, guitar and lead and harmony vocals. In 1986 the band toured Beijing on a cultural mission.
SUE McMAHONSueSue has a strong interest in all forms of music extending from classical to rock to colonial ditties.Sue is a multi-talented singer and musician playing the anglo-concertina, keyboard, harmonica, musical saw and largerphone. The haunting sound of the saw has to be experienced to be believed.Being the first female President of the Bush Music Club, Sue ran dozens of bush dances across Sydney and coordinated colonial balls and music festivals.Sue was a founding member of the Currawong Bush Band which was renowned for concerts, dances and balls in Sydney, Canberra and the Central coast.
KIM SHORTkimA versatile musician, Kim has played bass, guitar and drums across a range of musical genres, including folk-rock, bush music, stage musicals and pop rock. Although he learned piano and violin as a youngster, which gave him his musical grounding, it was that great 60s and 70s rock music that led him to playing bass, drums and guitar whilst singing in various Sydney cover bands for many years.In relatively recent times Kim has been introduced to Australian bush and folk music with its more than passing reference to Irish, Scottish and Celtic tunes, as well as the dusty outback and Australian history. Kim played drums and guitar firstly with the Sydney Coves and then added bass with McMahon Bros. and Snake Gully Band.A talented singer and songwriter who is happy to turn his musical hand to all sorts of musical projects, Kim has a very long and varied musical pedigree that definitely labels him a Bad Wallaby.


 KATHY POTTERkathy1Kathy has been playing the flute for thirty five years. From classical beginnings at the Conservatorium of Music High School to a lengthy dalliance with folk music, she has enjoyed playing with a large variety of groups including Back Blocks, the Heritage Ensemble, Loosely Woven, and various musical societies.She has recently developed a passion for the harp and is currently playing with a Sydney based harp ensemble and experimenting with different musical styles.

She is very happy to be able to tick ‘start your own band’ off her dwindling list of things everyone should do.




David has been dancing for more years than he will currently admit, and in more styles than most people know exist. He loves sharing his passion for dancing with all the people who come to Bad Wallaby’s dances and he never tires of telling people exactly what he wears under his kilt (but you will have to come to the dance to find out).